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The Sound of Solitude  

35mm (E6) Provia film scan. 


This is a visual journey of a road trip I did through Scotland at the start of this year.

Following the death of my grandmother at the start of 2016, I set out to Scotland to capture the Scottish landscape and uncover an unseen history: my personal family history.                .....

Digital Zodiac By Dorsal Fins

Album artwork by Marcelle Bradbeer

Dorsal Fins Digital zodiac ALBUM ARTWORK.

Album artwork and publicity shots for interviews for the release of Digital Zodiac taken by Marcelle Bradbeer. 

Half Moon Bay   35mm (E6) Velvia 50 film scan.

Half Moon Bay

35mm (E6) Velvia 50 film scan.

Centre of contemporary photography (ccp) salon 2016:

Reflections of Footscray                                                         2014

 Zine                                                                                    6.5 x 9.5 inches
 20 pages                                        


Photographs reflecting daily life and the culture throughout Footscray, Melbourne.

Twenty Year Gap- From Father To Daughter

35mm Agfa (20 year old) film. Double exposed.

Girl Pearl Collective:

"This is an image from a Project i did for uni which came to an interesting result.

Originally when i started shooting on this roll of film i thought it was a new roll of film, so i began to photograph on it. Upon receiving the film back i discovered that the film was in fact 20 years old and my father had shot on half the film already and then wound it half back. 

This resulted in the first set of images being double exposures with a 20 year time gap; from father to daughter. These photos of my mother, sister and brother were never seen before."